Friday, 20 June 2014


It's what successful people have.

Those that keep pushing. That keep plugging away.

Those that have a vision and the determination to win hands down. Those that see failure as a minor setback and not the end of the journey. Those that can always see room for improvement but never let small details prevent the delivery.

They're the ones that succeed.

And momentum isn't a hard thing to achieve. Not really. So long as you're always setting rabbits running; getting dates in your diary; giving yourself something to look forward to. New products. New meetings. New launch dates. Momentum will be ever present.

It's when you take you foot off of the gas that you start to loose it, so keep your foot to the floor.

Momentum is important. It breeds passion. Drive. It's what gives you a sense of achievement from a busy schedule and a completed to do list. And the beauty of momentum is that, once you get a little, it's easy to get a lot. The ball starts rolling and then your biggest challenge is controlling it's direction.

In my opinion that's a nice challenge to face.

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