Monday, 23 June 2014


Alongside love and trust, loyalty is an incredibly important ingredient in a relationship. All relationships: romantic; friendship; family. If you don't have loyalty you have nothing. If you're not willing to stand by those closest to you, you should prepare to stand alone.

My heart was broken a little today. Someone who I considered a friend turned their back and walked away. They turned their back on everything.

They dropped all that they previously held dear in favour for the new and shiny. A fleeting and pale, gold-plated replacement for years of friendship built on solid foundations.

I wasn't even the closest friend in the group of people that were traded-in for a fleeting flight of fancy. There were others that were more thoroughly knitted into the fabric of this person's life. But they, like me, were quickly unpicked and discarded like a faded memory or a dirty penny.

And it sucks! It hurts and it sucks.

I myself have tested this very water. I have dipped my toe in abandon and brushed sleeves with desertion. Admittedly it was all for a silly misunderstanding, one that was promptly resolved. But the very thought of never seeing this true and dear friend again was gut wrenchingly painful. Soul destroying. Like mourning.

I know how these decisions leave you feeling. However forthright you think you are at the time... you hurt. You're angry and in pain. And it's a deep and cutting pain. I know that this person who I once called friend is feeling these very things at this time. And despite my anger, somehow I hope the pain is bearable.

I hope the life they've traded everything for is a good one. I hope they find happiness while everyone else they've left behind heals. I hope it works out for them. And I hope that when they come to realise that everything that shines is not gold, that the fall from grace is not too steep, and that the harsh hit of reality doesn't hit to hard.

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