Wednesday, 18 June 2014


I met a man yesterday who explained his daily life to me with a grin on his face.

He said he gets into work bright and early and holds catch up meetings with his friends/co-workers, where they give each other open and honest feedback about how things are going like only good friends can.

He then had a day full of interactions with customers that loved his products and services and by association loved him too.

The bits in between were spent workings on projects and problem solving, again with his friends/co-workers, where everyone is honestly enthused and excited to be a part of the creative process. Listened to. Valued.

That is a pretty awesome daily grind if you ask me. I'm sure there are bad days. That's inevitable. But if the weighting is in favour of the positive, I'd take a few bad days on the chin every month.

How different would life be if everyone worked like this? With friends coming together to collaborate. Be creative. Solve problems. Instead of people working together, but keeping their own private agenda. Getting themselves ahead. Being ruthless. Selfish.

I think we'd all get to where we're heading that little bit quicker. Don't you?

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